DALLAS — A group of young tour guide volunteers is looking for new customers and a new place to live.

They are in the midst of a major reopening of the La Tour Cafe, which closed in 2016.

It was a restaurant with an interesting history that had to shut down in 2017 after a fire.

Now, it’s back in the mix.

The cafe was the hub for the tour community and the LaTour Tour Cafe was a gathering place for the local tour companies and local tour operators.

I don’t know how much longer it will be open,” said Jennifer Koehn, who owns the LaTour Cafe in downtown Dallas.

Tour companies started looking for a place to stay in Dallas.

The Dallas-based Tourist Travel Association said it was looking to open new businesses within a month.”

We have so many of the great local businesses that we’ve invested in and we have a lot of other opportunities for people to come and spend time with us and be part of our community,” said Robert Johnson, CEO of the Dallas Tour Travel Association.

Johnson said there are more than 40 restaurants and hotels within the city that have reopened, including the Hotel Indigo, the Marriott Downtown Dallas and The Grand Hotel Dallas.

That’s just part of a growing list of restaurants and other hotels that have opened since then.”

I think it’s an amazing opportunity for our community to have the opportunity to bring back something like this,” Johnson said.

The LaTour Cafe reopened to the public in January 2018.

It had been vacant since a fire in 2016 killed six people and injured another 21.

The cafe was one of the first businesses to reopen after the fire.

The Cafe reopened in late 2018 after a lengthy renovation.

It has been a great addition to our downtown community, and we are very grateful to the community for all of their support over the past few years,” said LaTour owner and tour operator, Robert Johnson.

LaTour Café is located at 1717 S. Main Street in downtown Fort Worth.

It’s closed to the general public.

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