Greece is a country that has become an international tourist destination.

As a result, hotels have become increasingly popular in the country.

But this trend has become more prevalent in recent years, with many locals opting for a more traditional stay in hotels instead of staying in more luxury properties.

While some hotels are still a popular option, the majority of Greeks have gone to other options, such as private rooms, or renting out a hotel room for the night.

The reasons for this vary.

Some hotels are popular in cities such as Athens and even have high prices.

But as the number of tourists has dropped, the number available rooms in hotels has dwindled.

Some have even closed down.

One such example is Schitts Creek Hotel, which has been closed down since December 2016.

The hotel was established in 1852, but is now the second oldest hotel in the world after the Shangri-La Hotel in Singapore.

In recent years the hotel has experienced an increase in the number and popularity of tourists, due to the rise of tourism in the region.

The main problem facing the hotel is the lack of hotel beds in Greece, which is often too crowded.

However, the hotel’s management has been working hard to remedy the situation, with an offer of free rooms to anyone willing to rent a room.

The plan is to make room for as many tourists as possible by renting out rooms in the hotels, with the aim of filling the vacancies left by the tourists.

The offer has been rejected by the hotel management, as they were unaware that it was going to be used for hotel rooms.

Some of the hotel rooms, which can be rented out for as little as €3, have even been taken by locals to other countries, such the US.

This is an issue that the hotel staff are aware of, as their employees have been asked to keep a lookout for any potential tourists who would like to stay at the hotel, and they are doing their best to prevent such tourists from staying there.

The local Tourism Authority has started an initiative to make available a number of hotel rooms to locals, to make sure that there are still spaces left in the hotel for locals to use.

One of the more popular options for locals is to rent out a room at a hotel nearby, as this will provide them with an extra source of income for the next month.

Other options for tourists are to rent rooms in a hotel close to the tourist hotspot.

However the hotels management is worried about the possibility of tourists staying in their rooms.

This can also lead to a conflict with locals, as some hotels have refused to let guests stay in their hotels.

As the hotel industry has been struggling, many locals are opting to move to more expensive hotels, such in Athens, such that they will not be forced to rent their rooms to tourists.

According to one of the local tourism authorities, many hotels have been closing down due to a lack of beds, and the local government is looking to solve this issue.

They have promised to increase the number in the area that can host tourists, as well as increase the availability of rooms to the locals.

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