Twitter is the ultimate social platform, with thousands of players sharing information and photos from around the world.

But it’s also the perfect venue for some of the most notorious trolls, and they’re not afraid to share their hatred.

Take, for example, the notorious @CrazyHook, who was responsible for trolling the Golf Channel in 2016.

On Twitter, he frequently posted racist and homophobic comments, including one in which he called Black Lives Matter activists “the KKK.”

His followers called him a “thug” and “a fascist.”

In the process, he became one of the top 20 most prolific trolls in golf.

In the last two years, CrazyHook has tweeted more than a million times, and he’s used Twitter to bully golfers who are still learning the sport.

In 2018, he posted more than 4,000 times.

He is a constant thorn in the side of the golf community, but he also has a large following of golfers.

@CuriousHook and his followers were often referred to as “Twitter fascists” and their tweets often targeted golfers from the Open, Masters and PGA tour, which are all dominated by white players.

@The_Pete_Bucs is another prominent Twitter troll, who is a prolific tweeter and often targets golfers on the PGA TOUR.

He has retweeted more than 5,000 tweets and has threatened to delete all tweets about him.

In 2017, @ThePeteBuc was also the top troll on Twitter, posting more than 8,400 tweets.

The accounts @HandsOfGod and @Nigel_McNamara have been the most prolific golfers, posting over 4,200 tweets in the past two years.

@NiggyTeddy has been the top golf Twitter user for almost a decade, and his prolificity earned him the nickname “Nigger” from his Twitter followers.

A prolific tweater who has tweeted in more than 300 languages, @PeteTheCup, the founder of @PacketPlus and @PardonTheTournament, was also one of CrazyHooks top users.

He regularly retweeted @TheCandy_Tennis and #WishItsYou_Back, which both reference a popular meme that popularizes the use of #selfie in video games.

@TreyGomez was the #2 Twitter user in 2018, and is the founder and CEO of @RiskBuddy.

He frequently tweets about the dangers of drinking in public, but his tweets were also directed at golfers at the Open and Masters.

@Mike_Barrett is another frequent tweeter who is notorious for his racism and xenophobia.

He recently tweeted about the racist tweets made against golfers by @NateDixon_, who has been in the news for his racial and homophobic tweets against other athletes.

@Huge_Carson was one of @MikeDixon’s favorite Twitter followers, and has retweetned thousands of tweets about himself.

He used the account @TheBlackRiot, which is a parody account.

Another notable Twitter troll is @NathanCurry, who posts more than 10,000 Tweets about himself and has been one of its top users for years.

He was also responsible for many racist Tweets against golf players, including a tweet that used the hashtag #DontTakeItOut.

@BigPaw_ was one the top Twitter trolls in 2017, posting nearly 5,200 Tweets in the span of just over a month.

He’s also a frequent tweetter for @Pigeons_Eye, which often references a racist meme that was used by @Piggy_Teddy.

@GarrettGee is a prominent Twitter user who regularly uses the account for racist tweets and often posts derogatory comments about golfers he disagrees with.

He also regularly trolls golfers online, and regularly posts tweets about golf clubs, courses and players.

Other prominent Twitter trolls are @GolfGuy, @DuckCamel, @Baker_Ferguson, @MikeFowler, @Natalie_Hernandez, @ShawnSaunders, @RandyCabrera, @ChrisReeve, @LydiaBarrett, @SethCarpenter, @EthanDowd, @MattHodson, @NickBartolomei, @John_Henshaw, @KurtisJWG, @jeff_barkley, @AlexD_Diaz, @JustinRuth, @TomGalea, @DanBrundage, @Jeff_Sawyer, @ScottBrennan, @TimothyLogan, @James_Gonzales, @KevinMason, @DavidGruenfeld, @Eric_Krause, @Juan_Perez, @TrevorHoltz, and @TroyFitzpatrick. Twitter

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