Backstreet boys fans, beware: a tour to Japan is coming to you soon.

The game, which came out in 2013, is the latest in a series of video game tours, and the first of many in the future.

The tour will be on tour this summer, starting with a week-long, two-night stand at the new Tokyo Dome in Japan, where fans will play the game in the Dome’s main auditorium.

The Dome is a grandiose building and, like most major Japanese venues, it has a huge screen.

On the first day of the tour, players will be playing the game from the first floor of the Dome, a huge room that houses the Dome Theatre and the Tokyo Dome’s concourse.

A stage is set up in the middle of the stage and a group of Japanese kids will be there to take part in the game.

The video game is a fun little game.

It’s not that hard, really.

And the kids love it.

The Japanese version of the game has about 50 characters that you can swap between.

The player’s character moves are based on the sound effects and music that plays during the game, so there’s a lot of variety in what your character sounds like.

The player can also change their clothes and hairstyle.

The kids will often wear a wig or a ponytail.

And while there’s some real-world action going on in the tour’s first days, the tour doesn’t start with the actual game.

You can walk around the Dome to check out the games and collect the souvenirs.

The Dome Theatre is the main attraction, and a big part of the Tokyo-themed attraction is the matchbox museum.

This large museum has an amazing collection of game consoles, including the original Nintendo Game Boy, as well as other Nintendo consoles.

You’ll also find a huge collection of replicas, including some of the original game machines.

The first time you visit the museum, you can try out a couple of different game machines that the museum has.

The Matchbox Museum is a great place to see what’s in the real game, too.

There’s also a real-life matchbox factory in Japan that produces real-time replicas of the Nintendo 64, GameCube, and Game Boy games, so you can play them and see what the real console looked like.

If you’re interested in seeing what the new Nintendo 3DS looks like, you’ll have to wait a little longer.

The museum will open in July.

After that, you should definitely try out the original Japanese game machines, which were made with Nintendo’s Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 games.

You should definitely see what it was like to play the original NES games.

And the most exciting part of this tour?

You can also play the video game itself.

While the tour includes the Dome and the Dome theatre, there are also two different stages to visit, each of which is actually the same.

One stage is a small theater set up near the Dome.

The other stage is the actual Dome, which is a giant room that is a huge arena that houses all the Dome Theater.

You can walk through this stage to see all the Japanese Nintendo characters that have appeared in the video games.

The stage is also filled with other game machines from the original Game Boy.

There are also lots of replicates of the Game Boy machines, but the ones with real-times sounds and music playing during the gameplay are the most interesting.

The final stage is actually part of an alternate stage of the video tour that includes a bunch of other video games as well.

There is a stage with a few other game characters, including a real version of Link from the Zelda series, and some of these other games have some pretty interesting names.

One thing that makes this tour really exciting is that the tour is being streamed live on a YouTube channel.

The channel has been set up by the video gamer community and it has hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

That means that the videos are not only being watched live, but they’re also being shared around the world.

The Nintendo World Championships, the biggest video game tournament in the world, will be taking place at the Tokyo Metro Station.

The games will be played on a big screen in the main concourse of the Station, which has been redesigned for the video gaming tour.

This stage is filled with many different game consoles and other video game consoles.

There’s also one of the largest screens in the Tokyo Metropolitan area that will be showing the live games and replicas from the Dome tour.

The Tokyo Dome Theatre will be a great spot to watch the games.

It is huge, and is surrounded by a huge video screen that shows a live stream of the games playing on the screen.

If you’re at the Dome at this time, you might want to get some of those souvenirs to share with your friends.

Here’s what the Dome has to offer when it opens:The

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