Rascal flatters that the tour, which takes place this summer in Alaska, is a first for him.

The artist said he’s been in touch with the Alaska Tourism Department and will be filming the tour in hopes of getting it going, which he hopes will happen soon.

The first half of the trip, which begins in Anchorage, Alaska, will see the artists perform at the U.S. Naval Academy and a local brewery.

It’s part of an effort to promote the brewery, which is named after the late Rascal’s grandfather, former Alaska Governor Craig Rascal.

It is the first time that Rascal has toured Alaska since 2010, when he played at a show at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Rascal also hopes to be able to travel to Canada, Australia, the Caribbean, and other countries as well as Europe.

It will be the first duck tour he has ever been on.

Alaska’s Duck Festival in May Rascal said he wants to see the Alaska Duck Festival take place in late summer and fall.

He said he has been trying to get into the show for about a year and has been a little bit hesitant.

“We’ve been going to a lot of duck festivals in the past and never made it,” he said.

“I was really excited to do it, but I think we have a lot more to do.

It could be a really good thing for us as a brand.”

The ducks that Rascals will be shooting with will be in their first years in Alaska.

Rascall said he is looking forward to seeing how their reactions to the show evolve over time.

“There are some duck lovers out there that are going to be very stoked, as you can see in the photos,” he added.

The Rascalls hope to make this a really fun, educational experience for people who enjoy the sport.

“It’s the best way to raise awareness about duck hunting, as well,” Rascally said.

The Duck Festival will feature live duck hunts, a cooking competition, a duck show, and a chance to meet the duck owners.

Ralf, who is also the CEO of the Duck Hunting Association of Alaska, said he thinks the event will help draw more tourists to the state.

“The state has been in the news a lot for duck hunting this year,” Ralf said.

Rassal added that the Duck Festival is the perfect opportunity to promote his business.

“Our Duck Festival could be the spark that gets people to come to Alaska,” he noted.

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