An Istanbul tourist says she was attacked by ISIS because she was Jewish.

She was detained in December after being taken to a checkpoint by Kurdish fighters who attacked her and her two children as they went shopping.

She says she escaped after ISIS fighters threatened to kill her and shoot her children.

She is now living in Istanbul, Turkey, and says she does not want to be a victim again.

She told the Associated Press news agency she escaped by jumping out of the window of a passing car, fleeing to a nearby bus stop and escaping into a nearby field.

“I wanted to get away,” she said.

“My family is afraid for my life and for my children.”

In the first of two videos, she said she was captured and detained in a building on a road leading to the city of Diyarbakir in southeastern Turkey.

She said she and her family were forced to flee to Diyarabakir when a group of armed Kurdish fighters attacked the building.

The video shows her and a number of her family members being taken out of a house by Kurdish soldiers.

She later recounted to the AP how she managed to escape the attack, which took place on December 8.

“They said they were going to shoot me and my children, but I ran to a bus stop,” she told AP.

The Associated Press could not independently verify the videos.

Turkey has been fighting a Kurdish-led insurgency in southeast Turkey since 1984.

The Islamic State group has exploited tensions between the Kurdish and Arab minority groups, particularly among them Sunni Muslims, to carve out an increasingly powerful presence in the country.

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