If you have never heard of Tame Impan, it is a Swedish metal band with two albums under their belt and a live tour behind them.

But now the band has announced they will be playing the first of the three tour dates at Coachella in California.

The band is making its debut at Coaches Paradise, which is a three-day festival that is sponsored by The Coachellas Resort and Casino.

The first show of the festival is set for Feb. 26.

Tame Impalas guitarist Adam Leggero said that the tour will be played with a mixture of touring bands and new bands that have only just been announced.

We’ll be bringing a mix of touring and new music and will be putting out some brand new music, he said.

Tames first show in California will be at Coogs Paradise in Santa Barbara, but it is unclear if they will have the capacity to fill.

The second show in the Coachels Paradise lineup is set to take place Feb. 28.

Tame impalas will play on that date.

We are going to have some new bands and bands that we’ve been seeing in the U.S. and around the world that we have a lot of respect for, said Leggier.

And they are all coming from different parts of the world.

Tune in to the live blog below for the full details.

Tammany, NJ, March 17, 2019Tame impallala tour: Coaches Garden: Dates and times TBA.

Tickets: https://tammany.org/tickets/events/coaches-paradise-san-diego-california/event/tame-impala-tour-february-28-19-tickets-5/

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