By Kate Hays The online campaign against a British duck tour has been a massive success, but some visitors are now being advised to reconsider their plans after it was revealed some tour organisers were using the tour as a way to get online followers to support them.

In August, the British Touring Organisations (BTOC) issued a warning about the “troll-infested” Tour de France, warning: “Some tour operators have decided to use the Tour de Suisse to gain online followers, which can result in you getting involved with online campaigns to win tickets, merchandise and other prizes”.

The warning was taken to mean that many online tour organisers who use the UK duck tour as their sole source of revenue were being used by the trolls to spread their message and recruit followers for their own marketing schemes.

But now, a British Tourist website called the Tour of Britain (TOB), which was set up last month, has revealed some of its tour operators are using the duck tour to get around this, despite it being banned from BTOC’s website in February.

The TOB, a site dedicated to British duck tourism, said it was set-up to promote the Tour De Suisse, which runs until November 3.

“It’s not the Tour, it’s the Tour d’Aquitaine and you can still go there,” said the website.

“It’s just a way of getting the word out.”

However, this was not the only tour operator using the Tour to promote its own brand.

The Tour de Vaux de France was also recently set up by a group called Tour de Mer, which was banned by BTOC in February for using the same tour as the Tour.

Tour de France organisers said they were not using the TOB site to promote themselves and were simply using it to promote their own products.

The BBC has been able to track down the Tour’s Tour de Cerca de L’Oiseur, which is one of the most popular duck tours in the world.

The tour runs from June to September each year, and is the biggest duck tour in the UK.

Tour director Jean-Francois Dessalines told the BBC the tour had a total of 3,300 entries in its first two seasons.

“We’ve got 3,000 people on the tour,” he said.

“We have the Tour du Tour, which we have to put together and we have the D’Aquila, which takes place on the same day as the Tours.”

The Tour is a great way to see the world.

“Tour de Suisses first year saw the first ever British duck duck tour, which featured a duck named Tod, who is now an international celebrity.

Tour organizers said they wanted to avoid the “fantastic troll-infestation” that had plagued many of the UK’s duck tour sites.”

There are trolls on all tour sites, but we do try to keep the tour site as safe as possible,” said Dessalaines.”

If there are problems we are ready to help you.

“Tour de England is a unique event, where there are people who don’t really have a clue what they are doing, but they know that we will give them a tour and a chance to be part of the history of the sport.”

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