METALLICA will not tour again this spring, but the band’s guitarist, Lars Ulrich, has confirmed the band will return to the stage for its final show at the Forum in April.

The band, which released its new album Metropolis on April 14, has been playing the Forum for nearly a year now, with Ulrich and drummer Lars Ulbrich taking the stage to the band and the crowd at the end of each show.

During the opening of the Forum, Ulrich performed a song called “Gravity,” which featured lyrics that were similar to the one that was written by Metallica singer-guitarist Kirk Hammett.

“We wrote this song because of all the people in the world who love us,” Hammett said.

“I thought it was beautiful and it’s going to be really touching to the people of the world.

It’s going into the minds of people, it’s really a reflection of who we are.

It reflects our love for each other and we’re all going to take this time to reflect and love each other.”

Ulrich also spoke about his desire to spend more time with his wife and two children, who have been with him since the album was released.

“I don’t want to spend too much time away from my wife and kids.

I want to see them more,” Ulrich said.”

The reason why I’m playing at the forum is because we’re doing it to get closer to the fans and to get them to hear our songs.

That’s the reason why we’re playing at all these places.

It means that I have more time and I feel like we’re on the right path and we’ve got a lot of people behind us that are really passionate about our music and they want to hear it.”

Ulbrich said that this will be the band “final show” at the show.

“If we don’t come back this year, we’ll probably do another tour and we’ll do another set,” Ulbrick said.

In the meantime, METALLIC fans are encouraged to watch their favorite band on the Internet.

“For a lot people, there’s this feeling that Metallica is just a band that has just disappeared,” Ulry said.

For more METALLIKA news, visit the Metallica Wiki

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