This tour will leave you feeling like a Rock star.

Jack Johnston will perform on the main stage, which has seating for 100,000 people, with some capacity available for a more intimate audience.

The tour, which will also take in the country’s largest rock festival, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, is expected to kick off in late July.

There will be a full tour that runs through August, and Johnston will play on the stages with the likes of Neil Young, Pearl Jam and Foo Fighters.

It is the first time Johnston has performed in the UK since a solo set at London’s Royal Albert Hall in August.

He told the BBC’s World at One programme: “It’s really special and I think it’s really great to have such a big audience in the United Kingdom.”

It’s the biggest music festival in the world.

People really get involved and the music is really, really good.

“Jack Johnston on the stage in Edinburgh, Scotland, on August 23.

Johnston will also perform with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, and a number of other British artists including The Beatles and David Bowie.

Jack will perform at a number the UK’s biggest rock festivals including the Royal Albert, Rock Hall of Famer’s Hall of Music, Royal Festival Hall and the Royal Festival Theatre.

He is due to headline the festival in August and there is speculation that the singer may tour Australia, the Middle East and Europe in the months ahead.

Jack has also confirmed he is set to headline a number dates in North America in the coming months, which is a big blow to fans hoping to see the singer perform in the US.

He said: “I’m excited to start my new tour next year, which should start in August.”

Jack has been touring Australia, and New Zealand, for the past four years.

He recently announced he would be heading to Australia for the first leg of the tour.

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