A new building in the Chicago architecture scene could change how people think about Chicago’s skyline.

The New York-based architect and landscape architect João Siwa designed and built the 833-space hotel at 1115 W. Fulton Street in the city’s Financial District.

Built in 2013, the hotel, which was the first of its kind in the U.S., will be open to the public in 2019.

The hotel, now called the Lincoln Center Hotel, features two towers, a plaza and a restaurant, among other things.

The architects of the building are building on what they believe was an overlooked area of Chicago architecture: the building’s location.

The Lincoln Center is located at the heart of downtown Chicago and is the first building to be constructed in the neighborhood since the Great Depression.

Siwa said the new building was an effort to capture the “uniqueness” of the area.

“We wanted to give the neighborhood the best possible chance to be remembered in the 21st century, with a building that was truly unique, not a building for everyone,” he said.

The building has an impressive collection of pieces that will be exhibited in the Lincoln Museum of American Art in 2019 and a number of other venues around the city.

SiWA said he is a big fan of the Lincoln Memorial, where he said he hopes to visit at least once.

“I think the Lincoln will be a real landmark for us,” he told ABC News.

“It will be an inspiration for Chicago.”

The Lincoln’s grand design was inspired by the city of Chicago’s “Grand Central Station,” a massive, multi-purpose building that sits in the heart, just above the lakefront, of downtown.

It was the site of the first transcontinental railroad.

SiWa said he wanted to design a building with “an identity that would evoke the history of the city and the legacy of the people who built it.”

The architects wanted to create a building which reflected the history and culture of the community.

“The goal was to be able to create something that is really timeless and a reflection of what the people of Chicago are about,” Siwa told ABCNews.com.

“A building that is also connected to history.”

The architect is building on a tradition in Chicago architecture that is long-standing.

The city’s architectural tradition dates back to 1894, when the Chicago Association of Realtors gave a call to all architects to submit designs for a new building.

The organization was founded in 1893 by an American real estate magnate, Harry S. Raskin, who had been an architect for years.

The association became the world’s largest association of architects and later became known as the Realtor’s Council of America.

Rachlin, who was born in New York, was influenced by the American style and architectural styles that were popular in the time, according to The Architectural Record, a magazine of the American Institute of Architects.

Si Wa said he and his wife, Jane, are avid Chicago Bears fans.

“In addition to the Bears, my wife is also a big Chicago Bears fan,” Si Wa told ABCnews.com in a phone interview from Chicago.

“Her family has been here for many generations and she grew up around the team and I’m a big supporter of the Bears.

I grew up with them.”

SiWa is a professor of architecture at Northwestern University and an associate dean of the Chicago Architecture Museum.

The couple, who live in the United Kingdom, met in 2006.

Si wa said they met when they both studied architecture at the University of Pennsylvania.

Si waive said they were planning on having their first child in their 30s and they wanted to open their own business.

“At that point, we were in our mid-20s,” Si wa told ABC.com about when he first decided to start his own business and found the design work for the Lincoln.

“My wife and I were living on the same street in the same neighborhood and we were having lunch at a restaurant and she was in her mid-30s and I was in my mid-40s,” he explained.

“So we decided to go back to Pennsylvania and we decided we would start up our own company.”

Si wa worked with architect Frank Gehry to design the Lincoln, a space that will include a hotel, office and retail space, among others.

The project is being led by the Lincoln Design Company, a group of architects that has worked on other Chicago buildings, including the Chicago Public Library, the Chicago Tribune building and the new John Hancock Tower in downtown Chicago.

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