The latest edition of Polygon’s ‘Bushnell Tour’ has revealed that there’s a new wave of touring bushnells coming to Australia, with the likes of The Black Cat, The Chalk, The Muck, The Green Light, and The Churners all being in the running to tour.

It’s been a long time coming for bushnell, with The Black Cats last visit to Australia coming in 2015.

It was their final stop before their next big tour, and although the band were still playing in Australia, they’ve been doing away with touring for a while now.

It was originally announced in March 2017, but now the band are set to return in 2018, meaning there will be plenty of new tunes to play for you.

In addition to the big names from the UK, there are a few new gems to play, with Black Cat’s recent release of the band’s new album ‘The End Of The World As We Know It’ making the cut.

In a way, The Black Clans’ new release was an answer to a number of questions that have been raised about the band recently.

Why was The Blackcats last visit, and what was going on at the time?

Why did The Blackclans last visit?

Well, as we said at the beginning, they’re touring now, and with their new album coming out, The End Of the World As You Know It will be their last release.

They’re going on tour with The Chalks, and also touring with The Mucks, The Gold, and many others.

We’re not really going to go into much detail about why they’re going, other than to say that the band is finally ready to come back.

They’ve got their final tour planned, and the band will definitely be touring with us.

They were all touring at the same time last year, so there was no real downtime.

I think we had more downtime last year than there were in the whole history of the whole band.

I feel like the last time we played a full tour in Australia was with The Green Lights, so I think it was definitely a good time to play the new album.

I mean, we’re still in the studio at the moment, so we’ll just see what happens.

I think what really makes this tour different is that it’s a tour that the Black Clan really wanted to do.

We’re not a band that’s ever really done tours before, so it’s great to see that they’re finally finally willing to put on a show and really get back into it.

It’s really exciting for us, and hopefully we’ll see some of those old mates back on stage again.

It’ll be nice to see the Blackclan live again.

They have such a strong following, and when you’ve got that kind of fanbase, you really can’t do many better.

I remember when we first started touring the band would do a live show every now and then.

I remember being in that show and seeing them play live.

It just really made us feel good.

We’d never played together before, and I think now it’s really good to see them back on the road again.

We have a couple of other acts in the pipeline for us to play.

We’ve got Black Cat playing their last show, and we’ve got The Chalking doing their last tour, which is really exciting.

We’ll just have to see how things go.

It might not be as exciting as we expected, but I think you just have your head up your sleeve and you’re really excited about what you’re going to be playing.

I would love to see The BlackClans play some of the old shows that they did back in the day.

It feels like a dream come true to see those guys.

I would love it.

They’re a great band, and they’ve got a great following in Australia.

If they get to play a show, it would be amazing to see what it’s like to play with them.

It’d be really cool to play alongside them, because I know that they are a great group of people.

They do some really special things.

I can’t wait to see ’em!

It’s always good to get some new music together, so hopefully it’s going to happen soon.

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