Temecula, Calif.

— —  A few months ago, the Los Angeles Times reported that Temeculi, California, was preparing to introduce a wine tour of the city, which is home to some of the nation’s most popular vineyards.

A week later, the L.A. Times announced that the city was planning to make the tour mandatory for all new residents.

The new wine tour requirement was set to take effect in February, but was delayed to April after a lawsuit from residents.

Temeculi Mayor Robert Chappell said that the plan to have the city’s wine tour mandatory is a step in the right direction.

“This is a great thing, but it is not the end of the road,” Chappel said.

He said the city is looking to create a wine-centric culture in Temeculus.

But the city has been struggling to find new housing for its growing population.

In August, Chappenell announced that he would not renew the mayor’s term.

And in November, he announced that city leaders had decided to end a contract with the company that runs Temeculum’s wine tours.

Temeculum has a population of approximately 5,500, according to the LAFD.

The city was able to secure $6 million in funding from the Los Angels Development Authority to develop a new park and recreation center.

The park would be located at the Temeculis River, near the Temecoulis and the Lassa River.

Chappell says that after the city began a process of relocating, he was able the city would be able to offer a wine tasting.

Chappel says that as part of the new contract, the city will have to allow the Temes to keep the Temencias wine, but that the vineyards will also be protected and protected from being taken over by the City of Temeculo.

According to the city of Temetculo, there are approximately 2,600 acres of Temercias vineyards, but the vineyard that Temerellos is located on is currently the largest in the area.

I’m happy to be working with a city that has so much to offer, Chapell said.

“They’re the ones that have been making Temecule wine for the last two decades, and they deserve to be given the chance to stay in this city.”

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