The superstore that sells tour tickets for the PGA tour has found a new way to get the word out about the tour.

The retailer, which operates on a shoestring budget, is now offering a discount on the tickets to fans of the PPGA tour, who are paying the same price as a regular ticket.

That means they’ll pay a bit less than $35 for a round-trip ticket and will have to pay a premium to go to one of the tour’s most popular stops in South Florida.PPGA Tour President and CEO Dan Jenkins said the discount is for the fans who want to take advantage of the discount, but it’s a great way to promote the tour and get the tour fans excited.

The company is also offering the same deal to other venues, and it’s not the first time PPGAs superstore has been offering a special discount.

Jenkins said that this is not a standard ticket price, but a lower price for the tour tickets, which will still cost $75 to go and pay.

PPGAt the PNC arena, PGATour ticket holders are getting a discount, as well.PGA tour ticket holders will be able to get a $75 discount on a round trip ticket for the event from May 22 through May 26.

Tickets will be available at the store starting May 22, and they will be sold out.PNG, the world’s largest wine retailer, is also providing an extra 15 percent discount for the first 30 percent of ticket buyers.

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