The PGA tour’s superstore is now offering $10 off virtual tours with an additional $10 on select tickets to the 2017 PGA Championship.

The discount is available on PGA TOUR superstore items and will apply to the following purchases:Virtual Tour Pass, Virtual Tour Pass Plus, PGA Traveler, PagoFacil, PGO PGA Golf Club and PGA Pro Golfers.

A promo code is also available for purchase on the portal.

To use the promo code, head over to the PGTickets.

Com homepage and click on the promo link on the left.

You will be redirected to the voucher page.

Enter your promo code and select ‘redeem voucher’ on the page.

This will be your redemption code for the discount.

Once you’ve redeemed the voucher, you can visit the Pga Tour SuperStore to pick up your PGATour Superstore items.

For the 2018 PGA, PBA and Caddyshack tour, the PGO Tour Super Store is also offering a $5 off discount on the 2018 Superstore and is available for a limited time.

This promotion will expire on August 31, 2018.

The Superstore has been selling its PGA merchandise and offers to buy from it for $5 per item or $10 per purchase.

The PGA will offer a 50 percent discount on any of its PGM, PGCT, and PGMG merchandise purchases at the Superstore.

The promo code for this offer is “redeem code” on the portal.

Head over to PGA Tournaments to claim your discount and get your 2018 PGM Tour gear before it goes on sale to the general public on August 30.

For a look at the 2017 Tour, visit the link here.

To get a feel for the 2017 tour, check out the link above for the 2018 tour.

To claim your 2019 Tour gear, visit PGA Tours and enter your promo codes on the website and at checkout.

To buy 2018 Tour gear at the PPGG store, click on PPGPGA.COM and use the code PGT50.

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