By David J. Phillip, CNN|CNN News | December 22, 2018At the first cookery school he opened, Rachael Waugh, 33, grew up eating all sorts of food, including chicken breast, turkey, steak and lamb.

The New York City native grew up a vegetarian, but she said she didn’t want to sacrifice her health to eat meat.

She eventually started volunteering as a vegetarian cook in her community.

“It’s like an amazing adventure that I’m just doing now and not in a very long time,” Waugh said.

“So if you’re going to be a vegetarian in your life, I’d just say do it.”

Waugh started her culinary journey as a cook at her local Indian restaurant and was hooked by the quality and variety of her work.

“I’m just always going to love my job, and I’m not going to stop cooking,” Waught said.

Waugh’s passion is cooking.

When she’s not working, she loves spending time with her husband, who works at a fast food restaurant.

“He’s the one that is doing the cooking, I’m the one doing the food, so it’s a wonderful thing to do together,” she said.

While the majority of the people in her cooking classes are vegetarian, she says she can cook meat dishes if they are served in the right way.

Waught said she does a lot of work on the kitchen, like making her own curry or adding spice to a dish.

She also enjoys baking, and her cooking teacher said it’s great to learn the different methods.

“You can see a lot more of the skill set that I have than you do when you’re doing it from the outside in,” Wough said.

It’s an opportunity that is unique to her, because she has a husband and two kids.

“I don’t want my cooking to be just me.

I want to be recognized as a good person and an excellent cook. “

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