Now you can get a Caribbean cruise to the Everglade Swamp on a single day, with a boat trip on an all-expenses paid charter company.

The Evergladys Barge Adventures is a tour company offering a Caribbean charter service that will transport the group to the Bahamas.

The boat is equipped with a life-saving boat lift system, a self-balancing boat ramp and the company’s patented underwater drone technology.

Tourists will get a taste of Everglads lush natural surroundings while on the boat and take part in the traditional ceremonies.

The company is also providing tours of Everland, a natural reserve off the coast of the island of Bahamas, and the Everland Gardens, a collection of gardens and tropical islands.

The group of 12 people will be escorted by a group of tour guides who will make a stop at a restaurant to take photographs with the group.

The trip to the island will be made via a boat, so there will be no need to buy a boat.

The trips cost from $12,900 to $18,900, depending on how many people the group is.

The cruise starts from the Bahamas and will take about 10 hours.

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