By Kate Gormley*NEW YORK (Reuters) – Two-week-old tours from Japan to the United States are among the top travel destinations for Japanese tourists, with the country accounting for more than half of all foreign visitors to the U.S., according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

Japan is the third-largest overseas destination for American tourists, behind the United Kingdom and France.

The top 10 U.T. destinations by foreign tourists are listed in alphabetical order by country: Japan (Japan), U.K. (Great Britain), France (France), Germany (Germany), United States (United States), Canada (Canada), Australia (Australia), Russia (Russia), Germany, Australia, Australia.

The Japanese, who have been making their way across the world to experience the new year, also rank among the most popular tourist destinations, with more than one in five visitors visiting them in the first year.

They are also among the least likely to have a job, according to Bloomberg.

The second-most popular destination for Americans is Japan, followed by the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Turkey (Turkey), and South Korea.

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