President Donald Trump signed legislation Wednesday that aims to keep the United States in the European Union and boost economic growth by $10 trillion over the next decade.

The $10-trillion infrastructure package, which is expected to pass in Congress in the next week or so, aims to help pay for a $1 trillion infrastructure program that would be funded with federal tax revenue, as well as to provide $200 billion to the states and territories that have been struggling with infrastructure woes.

Trump’s legislation would also provide tax breaks to companies that invest in infrastructure projects, and boost federal aid to states that have suffered from severe funding shortfalls.

Trump has previously touted his plan to build a $2 trillion infrastructure project in his state of New York, saying the money would be used to build roads, bridges, airports and other infrastructure projects.

Trump also signed a bill that would provide a $30 billion increase to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, an increase that the administration said would be offset by a $3.2 billion cut in FEMA funding.

Trump signed another $5.9 billion spending bill Wednesday that will pay for the military, including the purchase of an additional B-52 bomber, an aircraft capable of delivering nuclear weapons, and the construction of an airfield near the Pentagon.

The bill also would allow Congress to spend up to $1.9 trillion on an additional $600 billion for the National Guard, including up to 150,000 additional National Guard troops, and $1 billion for a reserve component of the National Guards.

Trump and congressional leaders also signed legislation on Wednesday to increase funding for the U.S. Coast Guard and other federal agencies that serve the public.

The Coast Guard has been under severe financial pressure since Trump took office, with budget cuts totaling nearly $1 million per month for fiscal 2018.

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