AUSTRALIA has been given a taste of the world by touring artists who are going on the road in 2014, but it may not be the same experience as when they toured in 2013.

The year’s big events will include the opening of the Sydney Opera House and the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand, but touring Australia won’t be the only thing to look forward to.AUSTRALIAN musician and performer Simon Paley has been working on a music documentary that will be released later this year.

“I really wanted to be part of the Australian music scene at the time and the music scene in general, and I wanted to have some of the things that we had in Australia,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“But I’m also a bit of a bit late to the game, so there’s not many opportunities to see what Australia’s like as far as touring goes.”

It’s a lot different than going back in time to see how the music industry has evolved over the last 30 or 40 years.

“The film will be based around the work of a group of young Australians who started out in the late ’80s as a music group but went on to form their own labels, a trio of solo artists who have since released three albums, a solo artist who’s been nominated for an Album of the Year and a solo band called The Floozies.”

Australia is a very diverse country, so I wanted people to understand that the music is as diverse as the culture,” he said.”

That means there’s so many different types of people and cultures.

“The documentary will be available on YouTube in the coming weeks.

The Australian Independent has approached Simon Pylons company, The Music Group, for comment.

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