The next big thing in adventure travel is taking you to the wilds of Madagascar!

The first tour to travel around Madagascar by helicopter will be held at the beginning of 2019.

This is due to the fact that the Madagascar Government has decided to use an aircraft to explore the country.

This will allow tourists to explore in a helicopter and get an idea of the scenery and history of the island.

The flight will be operated by Jet Airways from the capital of Madras and the helicopter will travel from the island’s capital, Port Loko, to the island of Malawi in the South Atlantic.

Jet Airways has already been in the Malawi market for several years, having established a fleet of helicopters that are used to transport visitors to some of the country’s most famous attractions.

The flights will be run by Jet Airlines’ subsidiary, Jet Airways Madagascar, which operates the Madagascar Helicopter Tours service.

In addition to the helicopters, Jet Air has already made the first flight over the islands of Mauritius, Kenya, Madagascar and the Maldives.

In 2018, JetAir launched a new service to take tourists to the islands off the African coast.

The company is already working with a number of local tourist destinations and has already planned a trip to Madagascar to visit the capital, Accra, in 2019.

JetAir has already taken tourists to Mauritius and Kenya in 2018.

Jet Air Madagascar is the only airline to offer the Madagascar helicopter tour, and the service has already proven popular with people in the area.

The Madagascar Helicopters will be the first helicopter to fly over Madagascar from the Malawian capital, Kampala.

In 2019, Jetair is set to continue with its new service in the African continent.

This means that Jetair Madagascar will be able to fly to most of the African countries, such as Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The Malawi government has also launched a pilot project to fly a helicopter from the African country of Angola to the United States, with a goal of connecting the two countries and connecting the people of Angola.

This would allow the two nations to become closer neighbours and establish diplomatic relations.

Jetair, Jet Airlines Madagascar and Jetair’s subsidiary, Madavair have all been in Malawi since 2014 and they are all operating a fleet that has been a part of the local tourism market.

Jet Airlines operates flights to and from Mauritius to New York and the United Kingdom, with flights to Angola to South Africa and to the Caribbean and Mexico.

In the last three years, Jet Aviation has already managed to establish a presence in South Africa, Angola and Namibia.

Jet Aviation is also a partner in the international flight service Air Mauritius.

Jet aircraft also carry out ferrying passengers between the African and African countries.

In 2020, Jet will be launching a new helicopter service to carry tourists to Kenya.

This new service will operate between the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, and Lagos, Nigeria.

In April 2018, a passenger jet flying from Nairobes to Lagos was delayed due to a technical issue with a landing gear.

In March 2019, the company announced a new aircraft, the N9, which will replace the current N8 that has become a symbol of Jet Air.

Jet is also planning to open a new flight service between Mauritius in 2020 and New York, the United Arab Emirates, the Gulf Arab Emirates and Dubai in 2021.

Jet has also recently been in Africa and is planning to expand its service in South America, South Africa in 2019, and Brazil in 2020.

Jet also recently started operations in the Philippines, South Korea and Thailand.

Jet currently operates the Kenya Helicopter tours service.

Jet operates the Malawan and Malawi Helicopter Trips service.

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