This is not the first time Taylorman has made waves for his Taylored tour response.

Back in 2014, the tour responded to criticism that the Taylords’ album was too similar to his previous work.

The Taylorans, for their part, responded with a video that showed the tour in a different light.

“It’s like this video was released as a statement against Taylor Swift and her music,” Taylolmo told Vulture at the time.

“That’s what it was.

She has nothing to do and the tour has nothing in common with it.

But, yeah, it’s not like that, it was just a statement.”

The Taylorians tour response didn’t go over well with many fans, who said the video made the tour seem like a product of the artist and not the people behind it.

It also wasn’t the first tour response Taylmord has made.

Back when the tour was still called the Taylon tour, Taylour fans took to the internet to complain that the band had been using a song from another artist without their permission.

Taylordas response to this outcry is still the subject of some debate online.

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